Monday, February 16, 2009

Why I love Swinging

Why I love Swinging Everyone who partakes in the swinger lifestyle have their own personal reasons for why they enjoy the lifestyle,  Some couples swing to add spice to their relationship ,And others just can't get enough sex, What I enjoy most is building friendships with the people that I meet that's  in the lifestyle, I've met people from all backgrounds and status , Black to White, Asian and Hispanic , from  rich to lower middle class,  doctors,  lawyers, military, nurses, police officers ,daycare providers, bank tellers , hair stylist even school teachers , yes school teachers get their freak on too lol, When I play as a couple the excitement of the swap is a total turn on , for those who are new to the lifestyle and thats unfamilar with what I mean by swap , swap is when two or more couples swap partners , quick story a lady friend of mine and I invited a couple over to my place for drinks , we usually discuss each others rules and boundries first, before anyone plays to ensure everyone is on the same page, after the rules are established we played a game that led up to everyone getting naked, once we are all comfortable his woman comes to me and my woman goes to him. I love the fact that we all play in the same room even though this is optional with some couples , some prefer different rooms, I personally like same room  I love being watched as well as watching, when I play without a partner I uselly meet a cpl at their home  I usually meet white cpls from the suburbs the husband usually likes to just watch his wife being fucked as he takes pictures of all the hot action, I try to put on a good show I definetly like to talk dirty to his woman as he sits back watching,  I will even have his wife tell him that her pussy is mine , I love it when I have one of these suburban MILFS legs spread wide and I'm pulling her hair back and pounding the pussy in  ways  she  never felt before. Something about a Big Black Cock that these white soccer moms can't get enough of, oh and don't let me be her first black dick experience that's when I feel like I have to represent all the black men of the world lol and they love it everytime, I'll admit I love it just as much as they do. I love knowing that another mans woman is enjoying me sexually but emotionally she's  enjoying the fact that her husband is there and they are sharing the experience together , I often wonder if they talk about it at a later time or when they are intimate alone do the husband ask if she likes fucking black cock to boost their sex together. Some couples prefer bringing in a third or more to play,  Its the ultimate female fantacy "gangbanging" she recieves a dick in her mouth a dick in her pussy and one in her ass all pounding at the same time, women love being the center of attention especially in the  bedroom , and what better place to allow her inner freak out then the bedroom , ladies don't knock it until you tried it . Peace until next time! Mr Black Majic

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