Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cuckold Clip (Introduction to what this blog will be all about)

I'm going to start this 
blog off with a clip 
from an independent 
film called the cuckold
Kick back and relax 
your feet and enjoy
the ride as I take you 
on a journey into my world
As a Black Man in 
The Swinger Life Style .
I will post my adventures 
but the participants will remain 
nameless and Identities
will be discreet, unless I have 
their permission to share pics.
So I guess you guy's are wondering
how a young clean cut brother like 
myself got into the lifestyle of having 
sex with Married women while their Husbands
watched. Well it all started with a
trip down to the local Sam's Club , 
I went in to purchase some razors like 
I normally do I try to stay clean cut and 
freshly well groom lol anyway the entire 
time as I waited in the checkout line I noticed
this mid 40s MILF type white woman staring 
at a brother, I paid it no mine paid for my stuff and
made my way out the door, As I approached my car
I heard a gentlemen saying sir' do you have a moment
I was a little hesitant at first because I thought he was 
trying to sell me something , But I stopped and listened 
to what he had to say, He introduced himself 
"let's use the name Tom, then he goes on and say
"My wife is interested in sexing hung black men ", 
he asked me not to take anything he say's offensively
,he goes on and says she's interested in having a 
Big Black Cock , My reaction was WOW!!  
But she was fine so I listened lol,
he told me that she will dress really
sexy for me and I could come over 
and fuck her as he took pictures of the action.
We exchanged Cell numbers the wife " let's call her Jane and we talked a couple of times before meeting again at their place
a few day's later.
Let's Say we became long time friends That was in 2006 , 
Since then I been fully active 
in the swinglifestyle and cuckold life.  

talk to you soon.
oh yeah don't forget to click the video at the bottom
talk to you soon!!
Mr. Black Majic

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